Our technology enable to pressure die casting of parts with weight range from 5 g to 3,5 kg . We finish die casting in vertical and horizontal machines with closing force 100 - 400 tonnes and due to the precise definied technological procedures we are able to finish die casting of parts with thin walls in high quality.
Vertical die casting machines:                         Horizontal die casting machines:
- CLPO 250                                                      - CLOO   160
- CLPO 100                                                      - CLHO   400
                                                                        - CLHO   400 - automated dispensing
                                                                        - CLHO   250 - automated dispensing
Casting machines are completed with new holding furnaces from Czech company LAC. Preparation of aluminium hot melt is finished in two melting ovens from the companies NABERTHER and ELSKLO.
In 2013, respectively in 2014 we installed two new casting machines CLH400 and CLHO 250 with automated dosing. Thanks to this innovation, we have expanded our range of castings weighing up to 3.5 kg and at the same time improve the quality of the casting process.

In our die casting company we use mainly aluminium alloy and less zinc alloy.
Most used alloys:

    EN-AC 46000 - EN AC-AlSi9Cu3)Fe)
    EN-AC 44300 -  EN AC-AlSi12(Fe)
    EN-AC 47100 -  EN-AC-AlSi12Cu1(Fe)
    ZAMAK  - ZnAl4Cu1


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